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New to myGuilfordCounty? We’ll help you quickly and easily pay your property taxes.

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  • Add a property account to my profile plus-icon minus-icon

    Once you have logged in to your myGuilfordCounty profile, you can link a property to your account  by following the steps below:  1. Click Find and Pay Bill. 2. Choose the option you'd like to use to locate your property: Parcel Number, Property ...
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  • Search tips to find a property plus-icon minus-icon

    If you're having trouble locating your property account on myGuilfordCounty, the tips below can help!   After clicking Find Property on the dashboard, myGuilfordCounty users have four ways of searching for your property:  Parcel Number Property A...
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  • View a tax bill without paying plus-icon minus-icon

    Whether or not you have a profile, you can view a tax bill on myGuilfordCounty without having to submit a payment. If you are curious about what you owe, or you are not ready to make your payment today, simply link your account following the steps...
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  • Remove a property from my profile plus-icon minus-icon

    If you no longer own a property, or wish to remove it from your myGuilfordCounty profile, follow the steps below:   1. To begin, sign in to your myGuilfordCounty profile and click Explore Service.     2. Click Remove Property. 3. Click Yes, unli...
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